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Doomdark’s Revenge playthrough

Doomdark’s Revenge is one of my favourite computer games, but it is not frinedly to new players. In this game it is quite easy to spend your time wandering around, recruiting lords, but never really completing hte game. This guide is to help you complete the game with the minimum of fuss. We will focus on rescuiing Morkin and returing with him to the Gate of Varenorn. Shareth won’t be our focus here.

To save time reading, here is the tl;dr version:

  • Leave Luxor and Rorthron at the Gate of Varenorn.
  • Move Tarithel to the Pit of Fildrak at the north-east corner of the map
  • Enter the tunnel at the Pit of Fildrak and follow it to the Palace of Berangria
  • Locate Morkin south-east of the Palace of Berangria
  • Return the way you came and get Morkin and Tarithel back to the Gate of Varenorn for a worthy victory. This will take around 70 days of game time.

 The Tarithel gambit

Early days:

Don’t move Luxor, unless you choose to enter the tunnel at the Gate of Varenorn. If you enter the tunnel with Luxor, don’t move Rorthron.


Otherwise send Rorthron north-east to recruit Careneon the Barbarian, then move the wizard back to the Gate. Careneon can recruit Torinarg (located south-west of the Gate, and many other Barbarian lords who stop by. Leave all barbarians recuited at the Gate of Varenorn. This gives you an army in case you are attacked later in the game.


Tarithel is your main character here. Recruit Imorthorn and move north, stopping off to get Thormand the Fey. Bring him with you, as Tarithel will benefit from escorts. If you can recruit Imulorn the Dwarf as you move north, do so, but don’t wait for him, he’s too slow.

Imorthorn can recruit every Fey lord in the game, so he can hang around the forest of Fangrim doing just that. Group all mounted Fey lords with Imorthorn and leave the lords on foot in a separate group. These two should make their way west to the gate of Varenorn, where they wil form another force in case you need one.


Go north

It’s all about Tarithels journey though. Once you have stopped by to see if Imelorn is home, travel east along the mountains of Kahortharg until you come to a passage.


This will give you a shortcut through the mountains north to the plains of Thelay. Head east and follow the plains east through a mountain pass.  ddr007

In some games, as here, lords may already be gathering on the plains. Recruit who you can, but otherwise follow your path east.


No country for warm men

Once through the pass head north and east. You are in icelord country now, so be watchful for larger groupings of Icelords as these are to be avoided. Lone Icelords should be recruited where possible.


The trail north and east is long. When you reach the mountain pass into Icelord country you are about half way there.

Getting there

There is this case, is the Pit of Fildrak in the north east corner of the map, estled against a line of mountains.


There are two things to do when you get there: send Tarithel and at least one other lord into the tunnel at the pit, and leave at least one lord at the pit. This stops the monsters from returning.

Once you are in the tunnel, he second leg of your journey can begin.


Going underground

Once in the tunnel, you can’t lose your way, but the path twists and turns. Use the auto map if you have to and stay oriented. Ungroup one lucky lord and send him ahead of Tarithel to clear any monsters out of the way. You don’t want any random skulkrin attacks to ruin your game.


It’s easy to get fixated on Tarithel at this stage, but it’s important to check back with those at the gate of Varenorn every few days, to make sure no uninvited guests have appeared.


You can find weapons in the tunnels too.




Don’t send Tarithel first, tempting as it might be. Send another lord as the Palace of Berangria at the stop of those stair contains the Claws of Night, which will instantly end the day for whoever steps in there. Send someone else first, and leave that lord at the Palace. This will stop the claws from resetting.


Morkin should be just a couple of spaces away.


Only Tarithel can recruit Morkin (i.e. break Shareth’s spell) so make sure she makes the approach. Then it’s time to put on the banjo music and skedaddle!

Homeward bound

The second half of this guide if the first half, but backwards. So follow the tunnel back to the Pit of Fildrak, then head south and west until you reach the Gate of Varenorn for a well-earned reunion. The only exception here is recruitment. Don’t bother, at this stage you can move past any roaming lords and head back to the gate.


Again, remember to check back with the lords at the gate to make sure you don’t miss any attacks made against them. Shareth is still out there, somewhere.



Remember to move anyone in the tunnel at the Gate of Varenorn back to the surface before night. With all four heroes at the Gate (Luxor, Rorthron, Taritehl, and Morkin) you will be awarded a worthy victory. Killing Shareth along the way will give you a complete win.



6 comments on “Doomdark’s Revenge playthrough

  1. daggerandbrush
    July 13, 2015

    This game’s graphics are actually quite charming. Thank you for the guide. Nice and oldschool, but I can see it is quite involved.

    • davekay
      July 29, 2015

      Yes, I played it on the Commodore 64 back in the day, and was happy to buy it again!

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  3. Simon
    October 6, 2015

    Here’s another idea – get Tarithel to recruit Imorthorn, then Carorthand, and then use the Flames of Dawn at the Stones of Sirium to get to Thormand on the same day. Then go straight to the Stones of Ushorthak, where there are more Flames of Dawn. Tarithel can thus get into the Kingdom of the Dwarves, and after recruiting Glormane she can go east to the Temple of Ushudruk, where she can find the Flames of Dawn again. Then north east into the Frozen Empire, where she can recruit lots of Ice Lords before they have started grouping together. Shareth won’t know what hit her.

    • davekay
      October 6, 2015

      I like it!

  4. Simon
    October 10, 2015

    It can take a while if the Ice Lords have started roaming around, but as long as Tarithel recruits someone evil and treacherous it’s a dead cert you can get most of them on your side. I’ve found they all start heading individually towards Glormarg and Glireon, so hang around there for a bit and it’s pretty easy. There’s also another way to get to Morkin but you really need to bring one of the nastier Ice Lords along.

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