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Magic: Origins art review

Magic: Origins is this year’s version of the core set. With the new block structure imminent, this will be the last cor set, and it’s clear that Wizards wanted to make this a set to remember.

The origins subtitle refers to the story of how five different planeswalkers (Gideon, Jace, Liliana, Chandra, and Nissa) each got their spark and began wandering the multiverse. Each backstory reveals something about why these characters act the way they do.


The challenge here was to represent no less than 10 different planes in Origins. Each planeswalker has a home plane, plus the first plane they walked to. There are no crossovers here, so 10 different planes it will be.

Part of the solution to this was to make many of the planes familiar to Magic players. Zendikar, Lorwyn, and Ravnica are among the familiar planes to feature.

Art has been used to make each planes different from the other, and the flavour text on cards has also been used to show which character is on which plane. The result is a pleasing set both thematically and gamewise.

Gideon, Battle-Forged by Will Murai


This art shows the veteran Gideon, who has learned many harsh lessons.

Jhessian Thief by Miles Johnston


Miles Johnston’s debut piece is strong indeed. Let’s hope we see more artwork from him.

Animist’s Awakening by Chris Rahn

mtgo_animistsawakening_chrisrahnChris Rahn’s many fantastic illustration are loved by players and collectors alike. Here we see Nissa gazing across her world of Zendikar and realising something is not right.

Chief of the Foundry by Daniel Ljunggren

mtgo_chiefofthefoundry_danielljungrenI’ll admit it; I ran out of superlatives for this one.

Deadbridge Shaman by Nils Hamm


Of the three new arts from NIls Hamm in Magic: Origins, this is by far my favourite. Elves and green and black in Magic origins, and this art showcases their darker side. Is that a tick or a spider on that hat? Either way, I want one.

Mountain by Noah Bradley


The basic lands were another way of introducing us to planes old and  new. For Magic: Origins all lands representing places we have seen before are reprints, while new planes have new basic lands associated with them. This land is from Chandra’s home plane of Kaladesh.

See all Magic: Origins cards in the card image gallery.


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