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Desert Tablescapes complete

I have now completed all 16 desert-theme tablescape boards. Together they make a single 4′ x 4′ table. I will let the images speak for themsevels. I put the tiles on the flat concerete floor of our grage to take these shots. I didn’t use the cnnectors, which is they were are some gaps between boards. Yes, I sewpt the floor first!


The appearance changes with the light. In this second is below, the orange comes through – that orange was not on purpose.


For the last complete shot I brought the camera (okay, my phone) down to shoot across the boards to show the topography.

tsdc03I wasn’t content to stop there though. I’m pleased with the result and also pleased to have finished a full gaming table! I grabbed a few miniatures from various boxes, drawers, and shelves and created some vignettes.

“According to the map, we are definitely… here.”


“Goblins. Why is it always goblins?”


“We can hold them back, as long as they don’t have a ninja.”


“Whatever we have, we need a bigger one!”


“You lookin’ at me?”


“Arise my skeletal horde… oh wait, he hasn’t painted them yet. Hurry, puny human, hurry!”


Finally, I want to mention the tools I used for this project. I used a different brand of paint, some thick acrylics designed for visual artists who like that medium. They went quite well. Not included in the picture are two 200ml jars of sepia wash from Vallejo and a can in white spray paint, which was used up on the 16 boards.


The boards were inked and painted in an old shoe box. The Liquitex range worked really well for this project, and I expect I will use them in other terrain pieces.


12 comments on “Desert Tablescapes complete

  1. Azazel
    July 4, 2015

    Great work! The tiles look very effective indeed. The table looks very nice with the figures arrayed out on it like that as well – you’ll have to take some “action” shots of your games on it, if not a full batrep!

    • davekay
      July 4, 2015

      Yes, I’m hoping to get some games in soon, maybe SAGA.

  2. Ann Wycoff
    July 4, 2015

    Very nice boards!

  3. Tim van der Burgt Loch
    July 4, 2015

    Great board together, I love the warm colour of the sand. Also like the vignettes ☺

    • davekay
      July 4, 2015

      thanks, Tim!

  4. masterslowpoke
    July 24, 2015

    Interesting choice with the Liquitex paints. Do you use them the same as regular acrylics? Thin them at all?

    • davekay
      July 24, 2015

      For most of the painting I used a small amount of acrylic flow regulator. When I washed the desert boards with the dark brown, I mixed in plenty of water.

      • masterslowpoke
        July 24, 2015

        Awesome, thanks! Have you figured out a good way to store them without damaging the paint?

      • davekay
        July 24, 2015

        In terms of storage, my wife stitched some old clothes into squares, enough for each board to have its own sleeve, so they can be stored vertically without directly rubbing against one another. Seems okay so far, but I really want to put a matt varnish over the top.

  5. theotherone42
    October 10, 2015

    Nice work. And I’m still chuckling at the comment about the skeletons not being painted yet 😉

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