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ArtStation stop: Eve Ventrue

Eve Ventrue’s ArtStation page is filled with interesting character designs, male and female. The characters have an intense, mournful air about them.

The Sombre Queen

I am a Ventrue.

I am a Ventrue.

This is my personal favourite of the images on her page.



This reminds me of Game of Thrones.

WIld Elf


The pale skin contrasts wonderfully with the dark earth tones of the woodland and the elf’s clothing.

Wild Sea Pirate


A fantastic pose, the eyes are brilliant.

Police Controller

I am a Ventrue.

I am a Ventrue.

While many of Eve Ventrue’s pieces have an historical fantasy feel, there is room for science fiction too, as seen in this piece.

View Eve Ventrue’s ArtStation page.



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