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MtG artists: Will Murai

William Murai’s art has a magical quality that makes t well-suited to the various worlds of Magic: the Gathering. His Theros block art in particular always captured the eye. I am sure this is an artist who will impress us for years to come with his work.

Archetype of Courage


A heroic pose coupled with enchanted weapons, indicating the effect of the card.



An ordinary card given extraordinary art for its Theros block reprint.

Ojutai’s Command


This card from Dragons of Tarkir shows the various members of the Ojutai faction posing. This is also known as the ‘selfie stick’ art, I wonder if you can guess why?

Prime Speaker Zegana


The new leader of Ravnica’s Simic guild is shown here in a great piece. I love the use of cool colours n this one.

Vendilion Clique


This card was a key reprint in the recent Modern Masters 2015 set. With bright multihued art, this is another contender for the ‘selfie stick’ title!

see all cards illustrated by Will Murai or visit the artist’s website.

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