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Forests of Magic: the Gathering

From gloomy woods to bring glades, to trees growing in city districts there have been an abundant variety of forests of Magic land art.

A usual it was not an easy task to separate five lands from all those that have been printed so far. Check out the list I linked; you are bound to find some more lands to love there.

Innistrad by Eytan Zana


Innistrad is a haunted land. Dark things inhabit the dark spaces of this land and spread their shadows ever further. In the block story the darkness was beaten back by the return of the angel Avacyn. She was created by the planeswalker Sorin to give the humans of Innistrad some hope of survival.

To show the change in the land after Avacyn’s return, the same artist’s were asked to have another go at the same lands. Observe:

Avacyn Restored by Eytan Zana


The same scene, but brighter and more relaxed. The oppressive air of the first piece has been dissipated by the angel’s presence. The same approach was taken to all basic lands between the Innistrad the Avacyn Restored sets, and was a great way of integrating the story into the cards.

Theros by Adam Paquette

forest_theros_adampaquetteAustralian-based artist Adam Paquette is fast becoming one of my favourite land artists. This enchanted forest from the Theros set is a great example of his work.

Unhinged by John Avon


The full frame lands from Unhinged retain a price per card that is greater than many tournament cards. The simple answer to why is the quality of art by John Avon combined with a card frame that shows it off so well. Players care about the art, don’t let anyone fool you into thinking otherwise.

Return to Ravnica by Yeong-Hao Han


A wonderful digital painting by Yeong-Hao Han appeared in the Return to Ravnica set. In this art the trees and the great buildings behind look as though they belong together.



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