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Victory from defeat: Conquest of the Gods

A Kickstarter failed last year. For a new miniatures game called Conquest of the Gods. For many prospective game developers, this would be the end of the story, but for Demigod Games it was simply the beginning.

Instead the developer took the opportunity to take a good look at what had gone wrong, and more importantly what had gone right.


The game has attracted a number of backers despite being at a very early stage. Indeed this was the main reason for cancelling the initial Kickstarter. The game was simply not ready. It was a brave but good call by the developer.

In order to keep and build on the momentum, the developer has kept a website where fans can follow progress on the game as rules, art, and miniatures all come together. At this stage the plan is to begin selling the game in 2015.


The aspects which attracted people to the original crowdfunding scheme are still present, but now there is more substance to the project and more certainty that things can be produced to demand.

Demigod Games aren’t finished yet, but this offers a useful lesson to budding game creators that Kickstarter is not the be all and end all, and also that a failed Kickstarter is not synonymous with failure of an idea, unless you allow it to be.



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