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Draft of a gamer: Kolaghan theme deck

When someone passes you a Dragonlord Kolaghan in pack 1, that has to be a sign, right? I can only assume some awesome foil appeared in the same pack. This was a Magic: online draft, so you never know, maybe they misclicked.


Pack 1, pick 1: Haven of the Spirit Dragon. I took the rare from a supremely unimpressive pack, and was rewarded for my rare drafting with a dragonlord.

The deck: Kolaghan theme deck

Black dried up very quickly so I drafted a red/green deck with a black splash. I managed to collect a Kolaghan’s CommandKolaghan Monument and a Kolaghan Aspirant to keep my dragonlord company.

The result: 2-1 and second place

The first match was fairly straightforward. I played a red/green player who I guess had the other half of the red/green I had been taking. My black splash made the difference, with Kolaghan’s Command helping me take both games for a 2-0 win.

Match 2 was a lot closer, and I had to focus on my plays. This is one of those cases where I would say with certainly I was playing a better player with a better deck. This one I got due to luck. Game 1 was lost quickly to Hardened Berserker followed by dashed Sprinting Warbrute. After stumbling for one turn I was behind and never got back in the game.

Game 2 I went to 6 cards to get a decent card, and again found myself staring down Hardened Berserker and Sprinting Warbrute. This time I was able to defend reasonably well. After playing Dragonlord Kolaghan by opponent made the mistake of dashing his second Sprinting Warbrute after I traded with the first. Turns out casting for a Dash cost is still casting, and my opponent went to 4 life while I chump blocked and flew over for the win with my dragonlord.

Game 3 was similarly close and again I traded for the first Sprinting Warbute before suffering dash attacks from the second while holding off Hardened Berserker. My opponent’s deck was certainly consistent! Again my win came down to a topdecked Kolaghan. My opponent was on 11 and all I had was a Dragonloft Idol equipped with Stormrider Rig. Playing Kolaghan made it bigger and flying, and with no flying defence my opponent could not stop me from taking the game and the match.

In the final, my friend sir chokes-a-lot made his appearance again and I went down 0-2 in two fairly short games.


Best cards: Dragonlord Kolaghan, Kolaghan’s Command, Butcher’s Glee

I made a play in match 2 that I forgot to mention involving Butcher’s Glee. I was at five life and my opponent was at 11. I had a Dragonloft Ido with Stormrider Rig equipped and six mana available. I attacked and my opponent duly blocked with a previously cast Sprinting Warbrute. I cast Butcher’s Glee to keep my Idol alive, kill the warbrute, and gain 7.

After combat I used my remaining mana to cast Tail Slash on Hardened Berserker to remove my opponent’s only other creature and gain another 7, taking me back to 19. “This is what Patrick Chapin must feel like” I thought to myself. Usually these plays are made against me rather than by me, but I felt pretty good after that one.


Lessons learned:

Again, focus. It’s not something that comes naturally to me, and in both my first two matches I made mistakes that were easily avoidable, including not attacking for the win in match 1 through a Qal Sisma Behemoth while my opponent was tapped out.

It’s not all bad though. This time I actively considered my sideboard both while drafting and while playing, bringing in a couple of cards where needed.

Deck list (sorted by converted mana cost with lands last)

CMC 1: Servant of the Scale, Wild Slash

CMC 2: Atarka Beastbreaker, Kolaghan Skirmisher, Roast, Stormrider Rig, Tread Upon, Whisperer of the Wild

CMC 3: Butcher’s Glee, Kolaghan Momument, Kolaghan’s Command, Tail Slash, Yasova Dragonclaw

CMC 4: Dragonloft Idol, Flatten, Salt Road Ambushers

CMC 5: Crux of Fate, Sandsteppe Scavenger

CMC 6: Dragonlord Kolaghan, Herdchaser Dragon, Segmented Krotiq

CMC 7: Gurmag Angler

Land: Evolving Wilds, Having of the Spirit Dragon, 2 Rugged Highlands, 5 forest, 5 mountain, 4 swamp



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