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MtG artists: Mike Bierek

Mike Bierek’s name first appeared on cards in the original Zendikar block. Since then his work has featured on many memorable cards. From landscapes to monsters, to artifacts and characters, his work runs the breadth of Magic.

Sol Ring

mikebiererk_sol ring

The first Commander release from Wizards of the Coast saw the reprint of the epic card Sol Ring. The reprint appeared with suitably epic art, as seen here.

Vorel of the Hull Clade


Vorel is a merfolk champion of the remade Simic guild in Ravnica. This art appeared on his card in the Dragon’s Maze set.

Tuktuk Grunts


This art comes from the original Ravnica block. I like everything about this piece, from the individual touches on each of the the three goblins, to the dappled light behind them.

Glacial Chasm


So far, this art has only been seen on Magic Online, and on a foil card. I would like to see this on a normal card, as I find the foiling process interferes with the art.

Frost Titan

mikebierek_frost titan

The Magic 2011 set gave us five titans, this is the blue titan. Striding over the landscape like he owns it. That bridge clearly wasn’t built to accommodate him!

See all cards illustrated by Mike Bierek.


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