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Civ V factions: Egypt

Egypt are the quintessential civilization; often used to advertise the game of Civ. For many people, Egyptian civilization might as well be one word. As a result this faction is often the first chosen by new players.

Preferred landscape: Pangaea or continents

Egypt needs a bit of space to spread out and grab resources, but not too much. Archipelago is a fine landscape to choose if playing in a huge map: the islands are likely to be large enough for your purposes.



For Egypt, your strength lies in your ability to build wonders faster than other factions. If you have a Marble resource near your starting city (as above), then even better. These bonuses stack, and it’s best to take your strengths as far as you can.


Following on from your strengths, early research should focus on unlocking wonders to built. So Pottery followed by Writing and Calendar, or Mining followed by Masonry are all good places to start.

Your first policy

Tradition is the best. It plays to your strength of wonder-building so take Aristocracy as the firs tpolicy upgrade to give yourself a greater boost to building wonders.


First 50 turns

It is important to get a Worker out as early as you can to improve the land around your capital with an eye to boosting production.


A couple of Scouts to explore nearby for an additional city location, and to get some bonuses from ancient ruins will also help you. Get these donw in the right order, and you should have your first wonder within 50 turns:


At this point you should be able to chain your research and production to build a series of wonders in your capital to give you some great boosts.


You can then use this as a springboard to take you in whichever direction you’d like to go.

Pantheon of choice

None. Egypt can use whatever pantheon looks best at the time. No need to race for your preferred one, focus on those wonders.

Win conditions

Any. With a string of early wonders, hopefully including the Great Library, you will be able to dictate the flow of the game and search for whichever victory condition suits your mood.



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