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Draft of a gamer: Fly the friendly skies

Blue/white is not considered a good colour pair to draft up in Dragons of Tarkir, and rightly so. But draft it up I did on Magic Online recently! The draft went better than it had any right to, but I think showed the value of following signals and drafting for value.

Pack 1, pick 1: Stratus Dancer

This pick gave me a valuable card, but I didn’t feel obligated to follow it through. My second pick was a Sarkhan’s Rage, but it was the white cards that flowed strongest, overwhelming even the few blue playables that came my way.

The deck: blue/white skies

In the end my deck was heavily white with a strong early game that could be followed up with controlling-ish cards (counterspells from Ojutai’s Command and a flipped Stratus Dancer), or just keep on hitting with cards like Cunning Breezedancer or Scion of Ugin.

With double Herald of Dromoka and double Dromoka Warrior the deck was capable of some fast early plays on the ground too.


The result: 2-1 and second place

I made it through to the finals for the first time in a Dragons draft on MtGO. The first two matches went more or less as expected. 2-0 in the first game to a deck that couldn’t match my early creatures, and then stumbled under pressure once Stratus Dancer cancelled a key removal spell, or Ojutai’s Command stopped them landing a key creature.

The second match was more difficult, but only because of land, my eternal bane. This time I started with three land and drew little. With the board jammed, I then proceeded to draw 17 of my 17 land and die with 11 cards still in my library. Thanks, shuffler! I conceded to save time on my clock, and just as well since I won the match with less than 2 minutes remaining.

In the finals I died to Atarka, World Render two games in a row. The big dragon simply overran me. I got chatting with my opponent after the game (we had plenty of time before the other matches finished). Turns out He splashed red for only Atarka, which turned out to be a good move. Otherwise he had a decent green-heavy deck. I am starting to notice Green and Red appearing in the finals a lot more, and blue and black not so much.

Best cards: Misthoof Kirin, Glint, and Zephyr Scribe

ryanbarger_misthoofkirinI was never sad to have Ojutai’s Command or Stratus Dancer in my hand, and indeed both spells did great work for me. But these cards really stood out. The kirin is a card I like more and more. Zephyr Scribe is also better, and once you’ve filtered four or more cards with it you have become as a god. Glint is a card I wanted to call out since I had low expectations but I turned out fine. Protecting a fast early start or a key creature later on was fine. People don’t have that many removal cards, and when I was able to stop one with Glint and another with Stratus Dancer that tended to be game.

Lessons learned: it’s about the play, not the draft. I am still making mistakes and sub-optimal plays. I take the time to pat myself on the back when I remember to play turn 3 Herald of Dromoka before attacking with the turn 2 Dromoka Warrior, but there were a few times where I made mistakes. I still have more work to do in stopping these before they happen.


Deck list: sorted by converted mana cost (CMC) with lands last)

CMC 2: Anticipate, 2 Dromoka Warrior, Glint, 2 Herald of Dromoka, Palace Familiar, Qarsi Deceiver, Silkwrap, Stratus Dancer

CMC 3: 2 Dragon Bell Monk, Lightform, Misthoof Kirin, Sandcrafter Mage, Sandsteppe Outcast, Zephyr Scribe

CMC 4: Lotus-Eye Mystics, Ojutai’s Command

CMC 5: Ojutai’s Summons, Sunscorch Regent

CMC 6: Cunning Breezedancer, Scion of Ugin

Land: 10 Plains, 7 Island



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