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The sky is not the limit: a review of Rise to Power

Rise to Power is a strategy card game for 2-6 players. It plays in 30-40 minutes.

In Rise to Power you must take on contracts from the city to power various areas. These can range from inner city blocks, to parklands to islands, marinas and even space stations.

Each turn you must take on two new contracts of the four being offered. These are placed face down in front of you. If you don’t want to do them (or cannot afford to) then you can always use their ‘exchange’ ability, which allows you to place your contract in the exchange in return for a one-off bonus. The trade off for this is that other players can take that from the exchange as an already fulfilled contract.


To fulfil a contract you need to match its power cost and also its colour cost. City blocks are green, offshore developments are blue, and orbital developments are orange. There are also a range of government cards which require two different colours but provide a decent bonus.

When completing a contract you are given a bonus that allows you to hold more cards, generate more energy, or power more contracts (or a combination). Fulfilled contracts also give you influence, and this is the key to winning the game.

Once a player has completed 8 contracts, each other player receives one more turn and then the game ends. The winner is the player with the highest influence, so it pays to know where you opponents are before completing that eights contract!

Rise to Power is a fun game that can be easily learned. It plays in under and hour and everything you need is in the box. Rise to Power also scales well from 2-6 players.

This is a fun game that is very easy to recommend. New and experienced players will enjoy its mix of low learning curve with some tactical depth and flexibility.



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