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Mtg artists: Michael Komarck

Michael Komarck’s lush art has graced fewer Magic cards than I had thought. His art is that impactful and memorable that is stays in the mind more than the number of cards might suggest. Here are five of my favourites to share with you:

Sorin Markov


The vampire planeswalker Sorin was introduced in the Zendikar block and has since gone on to be a fan favourite with a major role in Magic’s continuing story. Komarck’s art on the character’s first card certinaly helped with that.

Clarion Ultimatum


With this art we get a great scene with the knights of Bant gathering for war.

Rafiq of the Many


Rafiq is one of the leading knights of Bant, shown here in this suitably heroic art.


michaelkomarck_bantThis art appeared on one the the plane cards from the Planechase expansion. Komarck captures the lush rolling landscape of Bant perfectly.

Elspeth Tirel


A planeswalker living incognito on Bant, Elspeth was then forced to fight for her homeland once the other shards began their invasion.

Okay so that was more art from the realm of Bant than I had expected, but going through Komarck’s cards, these were hte ones that really stuck with me.

You may prefer a broader range of art. You can see all cards illustrated by Michael Komarck here, or else check out the artist’s website.

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