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From my dreams it has emerged

First, if you haven’t seen the cinamatic trailer for Total War: Warhammer, you can view that here:

It’s early days, so no gameplay footage, and no real confirmation of playable factions. But, it is Warhammer, in a Total War game.

I’ll be honest; I have dreamed of this game. I love the Total War series of games, and given its direct relation to a map of Europe, Warhammer’s Old World always looked like a good subject for a version (sorry, history fans. You do know it’s possible to like both history and fantasy though, right?).

This trailer could have been pulled from my mind, and I am sure it is not just me.


My relationship with Total War is straightforward. I enjoy the series, and while not every title has appealed to me, the Medieval and Rome editions of the game remain my favourite computer games.

Warhammer the game has less appeal. I stopped playing Warhammer many years and a few editions ago, and my wargaming experience has never stopped improving since. Going back to that game would be like picking up Monopoly after playing modern board games; boring, pointless and aggravating.

The Warhammer setting was always more interesting than the tabletop game, and that is where the Total War game will be going, which is all to the good. Finally a game set in the Warhammer world that I would be happy to play!

As a tabletop game, Warhammer has spent the past few years failing badly. Sales have tanked, even as the rest of the hobby industry has grown around it, and increasing the pace of releases has not helped. So Games Workshop are currently midway through a major reboot of the game. The faction bloat is being trimmed back and the setting itself is being changed. Will this come through in the game, or will this be a game set in an older version of Warhammer? I suspect the former is more likely, with a game that focuses on the remaining factions, but we’ll see.


For now there are no screen of maps or battle footage, those are yet to come. I await these with interest.


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