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MtG artists: Daniel Ljunggren

If there is a cycle of artifacts needing done, get Daniel Ljunggren to do them, seems to be the motto at Wizards of the Coast these days. Not that I am complaining. Off the top of my head Ljunggren has illustrated the following cycles:

  • Monument cycle from Dragons of Tarkir
  • Guild banner cycle from Khans of Tarkir
  • Staff cycle from core set
  • Medallion cycle from Commander 2014
  • Guild keyrune cycle from Return to Ravnica block

These aren’t the only cards he does, but they are the ones most Magic players would be familiar with. Cycles can be tricky things. The art needs to look connected across the cycle, but at the same time each card needs to be individually recognisable. It is something Ljunggren has successful managed many times now.

Pearl Medallion


This one is my favourite of the Medallion cycle in Commander 2014. The detail on the artifact is great without being over the top, and the background is fantastic.

Spider Spawning


So you don’t think artifact cycles are the total of Daniel Ljunggren’s Magic art, here is Spider Spawning, a card from Innistrad that can put number of spider tokens into play under your control.

Ojutai Momument


The monuments are some of my favourite cards from Dragons of Tarkir, art wise. Of those, this is my favourite, a monument to the white/blue dragon Ojutai.

Gilded Lotus


This piece is not part of a cycle and comes in the From the Vault: 20 special boxed set.

Forbidden Orchard


This card is also from a special boxed set, this time the From the Vault: Realms set. The Forbidden Orchard will grant you mana of any colour (shown here by the coloured fruit) at the cost of an opponent gaining a spirit creature. You can see the spirits among the gravestones in the foreground. What a card!

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