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Civ V factions: Brazil

The Brazilian faction has a unique building that can only be built in jungle. This means that regardless of what map type you play on, you’ll always be searching for the nearest rainforest!


Preferred landscape

Pangaea is best, but continents are fine too on a large or huge map. What you want are large land areas that can be potentially rich in jungle tiles. Set the climate of your world to warm and wet to further increase the frequency of jungle.


Brazil works best as a defensive faction focused on its own development. Your unique unit gets a combat bonus when fighting in your territory. Science and culture are two areas you can build up quite quickly. The Brazilwood Camp is great in any city with a university, giving you a tile with a good yield of resources



Your first task is to get to Machinery to unlock the Brazilwood Camp as an improvement for your workers to build. Leave those jungle tiles alone until then! Once you have Machinery your next stop is Acoustics which will grant the +2 Culture bonus for your Brazilwood Camps. After this you are free to pursue whatever interests you, but those two should be your initial goals.

Your first policy

Tradition is best (as usual) here.Grow your city borders and grab those jungle tiles.

First 50 turns

Build scouts and find locations rich in jungle tiles. There will usually be a helpful river to build next to. One issue with jungle tiles is their lack of production pre-Brazilwood Camp. Having a Water Mill in your city will provide a much-needed production bonus. Your city locations should prioritise jungle tiles over luxury resources wherever possible.


Bananas are usually a welcome tile upgrade, but for Brazil they are a menace. The reason is simple: you can’t build a Brazilwood Camp on a tiles with bananas. Jungle good, bananas bad.

Pantheon of choice

Sacred Path, giving you +1 Culture from jungle tiles, is your obvious pick.

Win conditions

Brazil is a great faction to give you a Cultural victory. Diplomacy gives you an additional achievement (Vote for Pedro).


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