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Mountains of Magic: the Gathering

From crumbling rocks, to imposing peaks, to the tallest city spires, mountains in Magic have taken on many forms. I’m sharing a few of my favourites with you here:

by Karl Kopinski

kopinski01This mountain has featured in several core sets, and it is not difficult to see why.

by James Paick


This dark and brooding mountain as a perilous path to follow… if you dare!

by John Avon


In Magic, mountains generate red mana, and this piece by John Avon does not go easy on the red. It remains one of players’ favourite mountain arts and commands an unusually high price for a basic land.

by Rob Alexander


Another classic mountain by Rob Alexander, who has illustrated many lands for the game over the years. You can look at the thin waterfalls coming over the rocks in the foreground, before realising this is just the ice melt from the true peak in the distance.

by Veronique Meignaud


This mountain from Zendikar (a great set for basic land lovers) is suitably magical.

What are some of you favourite mountains in Magic?

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