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Mtg artists: Ron Spencer

Ron Spencer is one of Magic’s most prolific artists, with over 200 cards to his name. We haven’t seen many new card arts from Ron Spencer recently, but reprints are a good source of getting to know old card art all over again. Here’s five cards to give you an idea of Ron’s work.

Crucible of Worlds


Next to the alpha version of Terror, this card is probably the best-known of Ron Spencer’s art. This was part of a community vote back in the day, where user’s of Magic’s website were asked to vote for one of two artist sketches, with the winner being turned into the final card art. Ron Spencer’s sketch won by a landslide and this is the result.

Kjeldoran Knight 


Can Magic art look like a heavy metal album cover? Yes, ti can!

Quicksliver Dragon


The top part of this dragon reflects the red sky at sunset, the lower half reflects the blue water. Red and blue rarely go well together, which makes this dragon all the more striking.



Ron Spencer is not normally associated with basic land art, but in Invasion block he provided a set of swamps that still look good today.


ronspencer_unsummonUnsummon is a spell that returns a creature from the battlefield to its owner’s hand. Ron has illustrated this abstract concept really well.

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