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Draft of a gamer: try again Mardu

Pack 1, Pick 1: Alesha, Who Smiles At Death

After Alesha, I felt there was some freedom to go wherever I chose. A second pick Lightform and a third pick Orc Sureshot put my squarely in Mardu though.

The deck: Mardu

I was happy with the deck. Orc Sureshot looked like being the critical card, and I managed to get three cards that each produced three tokens to really get the most out of that trigger. The rest of the deck seemed good enough, and after being passed both Utter End and Abzan Battle Priest I was feeling good about my chances.

The result: 1-2

For my second draft with Mardu I had a second result of 1-2. I even wrote a haiku to commemorate the occasion:

Mardu. I choose you.

Let’s go 1-2 together

Like we always do.

Okay, that’s enough poetry for one lifetime. The result was obviously not what I was looking for. Match 1 I stalled out on four lands in both games. I grit my teeth and played through it to a loss against Temur. It happens, and there really wasn’t anything to be done about it. My 18 lands weren’t going to cooperate.

Match 2 was interesting. I won game 1 once my opponent decked himself. Tasigur is good, but we had both built creature walls neither of us could get through, and while I built up the strength of my team with Ainok Bond-Kin and Abzan Battle Priest, my opponent decked himself searching for a solution he didn’t have.

The second game is where everything cam together for the deck. Arc Lightning to stop his early start, into Orc Sureshot, into Hordeling Outburst to clear the table again. I won handily eve though we finished game 1 with four minutes remaining in the round.

The third match can be simplified as a defeat by a better player. However, I learned new ways to tighten up my play, and also to take advantage of plays as I found them. In game 1 he stalled on land and I over ran him again thanks to Orc Sureshot and Hordeling Outburst. Game 2 saw me stumble, and while Abzan Battle Priest kept me around for some extra turns, my opponent was in control the whole time. The third game saw us both hit our land drops in turn. After he didn’t play anything in turns three and four I left ahead, but a sideboard Death Frenzy annihilated my team, and again my opponent proved he was in control of the game.

While the result was the same as for my previous Mardu outing, I felt better about things this time. Where I lost, I could see why and there were things I could do, or stop doing, to improve next time. Where I won, it was because I had a plan and it came together.


Best cards:

Orc Sureshot, Abzan Battle Priest, Arc Lightning

These three uncommons formed the backbone of my deck, and I was never unhappy with the result of casting them.

Lessons learned:

Improvement doesn’t come overnight. Switching to 18 lands has helped overall, and I think I drafted a pretty good deck this time, although 1 less five drop and one more two drop would have been nice.

The deck list:  (organised by converted mana cost, with lands last)


Disowned Ancestor

Monastery Swiftspear


Ainok Bond-Kin

Arashin Cleric

Feat of Resistance


Alesha, Who Smiles at Death

Arc Lightning

Hordeling Outburst


Mardu Runemark


Abzan Battle Priest

Lotus-Eye Mystics

Mardu Heart-Piercer

Orc Sureshot

Timely Hordemate

Utter End


Ankle Shanker

Elite Scaleguard

Reach of Shadows

Take Up Arms


Ponyback Brigade


Bloodfell Caves

Mystic Monastery

3 Scoured Barrens

Wind-Scarred Crag



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