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2015 birthday haul

This year the birthday theme is paints and brushes, but a box of models managed to sneak in there. The reason for the artist acrylics and large brushes is the tablescapes.


I really want to paint those up this year. My first thoughts revolved around coloured spray paints, but when I began thinking of the sort of finish I wanted to achieve, I realised I would be painting over any spray. So why not cut out the middleman?

You can also see large pots of sepia wash from Vallejo. The desert ruins tablescapes will be part paint, part wash. The wash will go over the flagstones. The box of skeletons will be painted using a similar method. It looks like a lot of wash there, but I expect to use it.

The grassland ruins will use a slightly different palette, including grey for any stones.

Age of War is a fun game that I played and loved, so it was added to my birthday list.


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