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MtG artists: Steve Argyle

Steve Argyle has become a favourite artist of many Magic players since his art debuted in Shards of Alara. His card alters are a legend in their own right (check out tumblr if you’re interested), and some fan art he once did of an amorous Chandra and Liliana raised eyebrows.

There are some great illustrations to choose from, and as always these five were difficult to choose.

Mayael’s Anima


If you cast this card at the right time it can win you the game on the spot. At other times though, you can leave it in play to look at this great art for longer.

Boodbraid Elf


Originally promotional art, this became the card’s art once the card was reprinted.  And a good thing, too!

Deathrite Shaman

argyle_drsThis card from Return to Ravnica was banned in the Modern competitive format for being too powerful. So was Bloodbraid Elf, in fact. Is there a pattern here?

Liliana of the Veil


This card remains the definitive printing of this planeswalker, and I like to think it is half the power of the card, and half the power of the art. This card has not been banned on Modern… yet!

Monastery Swiftspear


This card comes from the Khans of Tarkir set, and yes, it has also made an impact on Modern (I told you there was a pattern!). True to her name, the swiftspear can attack your opponent on the first turn of the game.

Visit the artist’s website or see all cards illustrated by Steve Argyle here.

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