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Magic spoliers from PAX East

The Magic panel from PAX East was conducted a few hours ago, and it contained news and spoilers pertinent to the next four sets being released for the game. Are you ready?

Dragons of Tarkir

For the latest set we got two mythic rare spoilers


Here we see Ojutai more than 1000 years after his rule began on Tarkir. Previously we saw his bones on Flooded Strand, but now we see what might have been in the changed timeline.

The other card features a character who has also changed, Sarkhan himself:


We have a more relaxed and at peace planeswalker who has returned to his Temur roots. Something tells me this is the last we will see of this character, because why would be leave Tarkir now?

Modern Masters 2015

There has been a ton of speculation ever since this set was announced. Reprints will be from sets up to and including New Phyrexia, but will we see cards from Modern Masters reprinted again?

Here’s your answer:


Tarmogoyf, still one of the most expensive cards, and certainly the most expensive card in modern, makes a return. Karn Liberated was not eligible for reprint last time, but here he is. I’m sure we’ll see other cards from New Phyrexia too.

Magic: Origins

This year’s core set, the final core set, takes a different approach with the Origins name. The set will look at five planeswalkers from their beginnings to when they first sparked as planeswalkers. How to represent this? Well…


Double-faced cards return in Magic: Origins! With all the planeswalkers taking this form, that means (at least) five mythic double-faced cards. By contrast Innistrad had just one. This suggests to me there will be a lot more double-faced cards in the set as they require a special print run on separate sheet to other cards.


The final spoiler is for the October set:


The logo is all we get for now.

You can view the full panel on YouTube



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