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Six straight years of growth for hobby games: ICv2

The last year hobby games (a catchall term for board, card, dice miniatures and RPGs) failed to grow was in 2008 – the year that the GFC really hit home. Since the the industry (and the world) has had happier times.

It appears that every category is experiencing growth right now, which is impressive. ICv2 have the full update, which I recommend you read. I have pulled out some of their data tables for further discussion. As always this data is based on sales through the hobby store channel in the US.

Board Games


No surprises for the top 2, Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride are the perennial best sellers. To me, this table indicates continued influx of new players into board games. Aside from the top 2, Pandemic and Carcassonne are frequently cited as examples of ‘gateway games’ that for people’s initial purchases.

The new Star Wars game appears in the top half of the table, and Spiel des Jahres winner Camel Up shows the power of that winning stamp on the outside of your box.

Card and Dice games


This category was separated out of board games a couple of years ago to take account of the number and diversity of titles selling in the market. Munchkin and now Pathfinder Adventures continue to do well. Cards Against Humanity appears thanks to their embrace of retailer channels – crowdfunding and direct sales do not influence these charts.



The era of the pre-painted miniature has truly arrived. What I would like to see is this chart extended to 10 titles now over the more usual five. First Warhammer and now the Hordes range have been pushed out of the top 5 sellers by pre-painted competition. I would like to see what is happening below 5th place.



The release of more 5th edition books has put Dungeons & Dragons on top of the RPG chart for the first time in years, such has been Pathfinder’s dominance. Can it stay there? We will see. Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars RPG looks like becoming an evergreen game, something not guaranteed by the source material, as others have tried and failed with this licence.

Were there any surprises for you in these tables?


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