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MtG artists: Erica Yang

Erica Yang has been illustrating Magic cards since Scars of Mirrodin and has done over 40 cards to date. Her bright colours tend to make her art stand out on the card.



This counterspell was printed in a Commander set but quickly became an in-demand card among Legacy players.

Ring of Thune


Erica Yang illustrated a cycle of ring artifacts for a core set. This one drew my eye immediately, the detail on the ring is fantastic, and the expansive landscape behind is beautiful.

Gutter Grime


This slimy character inhabits the lower levels of the city of Ravnica. Note how the colours used are still bright in spite of the dimness achieved overall with this scene.

Malicious Affliction


We see and angel falling victim to a black spell in this art.

Villainous Wealth


A rakshasa demon looks at its wealth in this image. Look at those bright eyes! I use this art as the feature image for articles on Magic finance.

See all cards illustrated by Erica Yang here.



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