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Shieldwolf Kickstarter

A new miniatures Kickstarter caught my eye earlier today. I try not to look, really I do. With the recent Bones II shipping I have felt renewed pangs of missingoutitis seeing all those Dragons Don’t Share kits going out. They will appear on the Reaper page for general sale soon. Yes they will.

Shieldwolf, though. These guys are doing something ambitious and foolhardy – creating a new line of fantasy miniatures. With the slow failure of Warhammer over the past few years I have found myself wondering if there even is a market of fantasy massed battle miniatures games. All those people who used to play Warhammer (like me) must have had a reason. Mine was I want to play a fantasy massed battle miniatures game, and I suspect I am not alone. But wants don’t necessarily make a business model.

Shieldwolf, though! Their Kickstarter is for a multi-faction game system of some kind. It has regiments and characters, which is good enough for me. The models look nice, and they have addressed many potential anxieties on their page.

Individual figures will be made by them in resin. Regiments will be made in plastic by Renedra. Looks good.

At this stage a lot of what we see is concept art, so Shieldwolf have cleverly given us an example of how their miniatures can look from concept art of painted model. Behold:


The pledge system uses ‘gold coins’ which amount to roughly $3 US dollars. Your pledge level gives you an amount of gold coins, which you can then use to buy whatever models take your fancy – characters, regiments, whatever you want. This system adds a layer of complexity, and I wouldn’t want to be the person sorting through pledges when this finishes. The advantage for backers is that buying from this project become a lot like buying into a new range; you bring your money, and you pick what you want. Again, clever.

If you like the idea, check out their Kickstarter project page.

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  1. George
    February 25, 2015

    This is a great project. It should have more exposure!


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