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MtG artists: Yeong-Hao Han

Yeong-Hao Han has recently begun illustrating Magic cards, and is already well known. His art seems tailor-made for this game featuring fantastical worlds and people. Observe:

Forest (Return to Ravnica)


A store owner stopped me for a moment at the counter to show me this card. “I don’t play Magic,” he said, “but I love art like this.” I could only agree.

Spear of Heliod


The spear of Theros’ sun god is framed against a beautiful sky in this image.

Grove of the Guardian


This is the promotional version of the art, used in the pre-release. It encouraged manay players to choose Selesnya at that event.



This is an iconic card in Magic, and so not the easiest for any artist to tackle, never mind one new to the game. Yeong-hao Han has produced in my opinion the definitive image for this card.

Sylvan Library


This card appeared in the limited release Commander’s Arsenal set, and is highly sought after.

See all cards illustrated by Yeong-hao Han, and visit the artist’s deviant art page.


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