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MtG artists: Jason Chan

Jason Chan has produced dozens of memorable card images for Magic: the Gathering. His art ranges from individual character pieces, to pivotal story moments, to full battle scenes. There is no way you have avoided Jason Chan’s art if you have been playing Magic over the past five years.

Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage


This mage of Ravnica’s Selesnya guild can create tokens, and then duplicate those tokens. This card an be an army all by itself.

Mayael the Anima


The spiritual leader of Alara’s Naya shard is captured in the striking piece by Jason Chan.

Maul Splicer


Phyrexians are often depicted as an emotionless, borg-like race. In this piece by Jason Chan we see there is affection in Phyrexia, of a sort.

Luminous Angel


This bright piece featured in the Divine vs Demonic duel deck. NO prizes for guessing which side the angel is on!

Apocalypse Hydra


I love this piece, but I have to confess I do not like it on the card. The card represents just the hydra creature, but I felt the art is more focused on the army fighting against the monster rather than the monster. Shows what I know, I guess.

See all cards illustrated by Jason Chan, and visit the artist’s website.


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