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Zombie Fighters update 1

Summer is hot in Queensland, Australia. Very hot. Painting tends to be an exercise in futility and frustration. The paint will dry into the brush before you can get it onto the model!

For this reason I tend to focus more on assembly and spray coating in the summer months. The other night I put together 10 of the zombie fighters from Wargames Factory.


The detail on the models is superior to that found on early Wargames Factory models, such as their Celts and Romans. However it remains a couple of notches below what comes out of the Renedra factory (Fireforge Games, Perry and more). That said, the models are fine to work with and look the part, which is what counts.

Assembly was problematic at first, until I noticed tiny letters next to some arms and bodies, indicating which arms go onto which body. This was good and bad. Good, because once I noticed this incredibly obvious thing assembly became a lot easier, and bad because what just happened to variety?

So far I’ve assembled 10 models out of a possible 30. What I am considering now is making the next 10 the zombie versions of what I have assembled so far. This would be nice to do, but also leaves me with 10 models I am unlikely to use. We’ll see. For now these models needs a touch of the liquid green stuff and a spray coat, which will come in time.


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