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Looking for NZ painters

The Perry twins put a recent post on their Facebook page about a mammoth project they are doing in concert with Peter Jackson.

“We were asked by Peter Jackson to help out with a Great War museum to be set up in Wellington, New Zealand. Part of the work involves producing 4,000 x 54mm figures to recreate a diorama of the Battle of Chunuk Bair during the Gallipoli campaign. It’s certainly a big project with a short deadline, but fingers crossed, it’ll work!”

Painting these 4,000 miniatures will be no easy task, and the call has gone out to all miniatures painters in New Zealand for their help. See the Facebook post for more details.

Anything involving 4,000 miniatures is going to be a diorama on a massive scale. Peter Jackson is covering the production and installation costs of this huge undertaking, he just needs some help with the painting.

1 Feb update: a new blog has gone live, Mustering the Troops, to coodinate all those involved in this project, you can sign up there too.


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