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Fate Reforged art review

Fate Reforged takes us back over 1,000 years into Tarkir’s past. Some things are similar – the clans exist, with the same name, symbols, and philosophy as in the Khans of Tarkir set. The main difference is dragons. Instead of mouldering bones dragons are alive and well and wreaking havoc on the clans and on one another.

Palace Siege by Slawomir Maniak


I like this piece because there is no much going on. In the foreground we can see a group of Sultai warriors fending off a dragon. Behind them we can see the grisly results of the dragon’s acidic breath. Farther into the background we can see warriors attempting to drag their enemies down.

Tranquil Cove by John Avon


The 10 ‘gain lands’ from Khans of Tarkir are printed again in Fate Reforged. This is for game design reasons; more mana fixing is a good thing to have, especially in limited formats. Rather than stopping at the technical reasons though, there is a create element to these lands. Above we can see the tranquil cove as it was. The same artist illustrated the same card in Khans of Tarkir though:


1,000 years later, the cove is less lush. The buildings are gone and the land is no longer being managed. Turns out, the clans ascendant are more destructive than the dragons ever were. This theme is repeated on some of the other lands too, and I expect we haven’t seen the last of this.

Noxious Dragon by Svetlin Velinov


Not all dragons breathe fire, as the gases emerging from this dragon’s mouth attest.

Yasova Dragonclaw by Winona Nelson


If I were asked to nominate my favourite art of Fate Reforged it would be this one. The clan leaders of 1,000 years past all received a gender swap. If the leader was male in Khans of Tarkir, the leader is female in Fate Reforged and vice versa. Also all the clan leaders in Fate Reforged are human, whereas in Khans of Tarkir we had a Naga and an Orc in the mix.

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon by Raymond Swanland

frf_ugin_raymondswanlandThis set is all about Ugin. In the past he was killed by Nicol Bolas. Now Sarkhan Vol has travelled back in time to prevent Ugin’s death.


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