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MtG artists: Svetlin Velinov

Svetlin Velinov has been illustrating Magic cards since Zendikar block, and has produced some truly memorable cards. He’s been prolific too, with already over 100 cards to his credit.

Hound of Griselbrand


This two-headed beast can return from the grave more powerful than before, the perfect companion for the demon Griselbrand.

Noxious Dragon


There were many dragons in Tarkir of old, including this one with toxic fumes coming from its maw.

Simic Guildgate


The beautiful art on this card meant I was never sad to see it in a pack.

Soldier token (Theros)


This token art was associated with the planeswalker Elspeth, Sun’s Champion. As she summons three soldiers at a time, having numerous figures in the art was fitting.

Temple of Enlightenment


The art on this blue/white land would look at home on the cover of a board game. The depth of detail in this piece always drawn my eye and keeps me hooked.

See all cards illustrated by Svetlin Velinov or visit his deviantart page.



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