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Islands of Magic: the Gathering

This article continue the more in depth look at basic land art in Magic: the Gathering. These are the cards that players see the most during a game, so themeing yours around the art that appeals to you is no bad idea.

I’ve selected five of my favourites, and once again it was difficult to make the selection.

Zendikar island by Vincent Proce

mtg_island_vincentproceI new I was going to enjoy the Zendikar setting when I saw this very different looking island!

Core set Island by Rob Alexander

mtg_island_robalexanderRob Alexander painted some of the original dual lands in Magic, and I always like seeing his name on the credit for new cards. This island comes from a recent core set.

Ravnica: City of Guilds island by Richard Wright

mtg_island_richardwrightThis art was another that made me fall in love with the setting. While it also reminded me of New Crobuzon (recommendation: read Perdido Street Station and The Scar if you haven’t yet done so) it was in keeping with the setting of a vast city.

Core set island by Fred Fields

mtg_island_fredfieldsI become relaxed simply by looking at this peaceful tropical paradise as pictured by Fred Fields. No doubt goblins and dragons will be along presently to ruin the serenity, but for now everything’s good.

Zendikar island by Veronique Meignaud


This article starts and finishes with Zendikar. The full frame lands of this set were a real visual treat, and I hope a set comes along soon that repeats this.


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