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2014 Scenty awards

Welcome to the inaugural Scenty awards, the gaming awards that are as prestigious as you think they are! Awards are offered for the best game across a number of categories:

Board games

Miniatures games

Card or dice games

Computer or console games

To qualify a game has to have been released in 2014. Expansions to a game make that game eligible, as to updates to a computer game.

Let’s get to the winners!

Board games… King of New Yorkkingofnewyork

This game, release din 2014, wins the award for being both simple to understand and fun to play. In this game players each take on the role of a rampaging monster terrorising New York city. Crushing buildings as they move from suburb to suburb, each monsters want to take charge of Manhattan Island and be crowned King of New York!

Miniatures games… SAGA Crescent and Cross

scc04The SAGA historical skirmish game received a major update/expansion in 2014 with the Crescent and Cross release. Fully six new factions are included in the book. The writers also took the time to update or clarify some rules that had caused confusion in the original SAG edition. Crescent and Cross is a stand alone expansion so you can play even if you have never previously encountered SAGA. As a miniatures game this offers a nice tactical twist on normal play and provides varied factions that can challenge new and experienced players alike.

Card or dice games… Magic: the Gathering

Wizards of the Coast had an incredibly strong finish to 2014 with their Magic: the Gathering game. The October release of Khans of Tarkir gave us some great cards and awesome art. This was followed up in November with the Commander 2014 release of five decks, one for each colour of Magic. These decks have proved to be massive hits with a number of players, even those not interested in the Commander format.

Computer or console games… Civilization V

Here’s the thing. I don’t play a lot of computer or console games, so the range here was rather limited. Civ V is almost, but not quite, the default winner here. The game received one major update in 2014, adding the Bison and Cocoa resources into the main game from scenarios. Mmm, chocolate!



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