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MtG artists: Slawomir Maniak

Slawomir Maniak is behind many striking cards from Magic: the Gathering’s recent blocks. I think his strength is in the depiction of powerful characters, whether these be gods, men, or beasts.

Acolyte’s Reward


The acolyte in question is almost lost in the shadow of the obelisk. The reward in question is a vision of the god Iroas.

Diregraf Captain

slawomirmaniak_diregrafcaptainThis card is from the Dark Ascension set and shows a zombie captain leading undead hordes into the fray.

Elgaud Inquisitor


There’s no point having zombies without zombie fighters. This card is from the same set and shows one of the few humans able to fight back.

Fleecemane Lion


This beast is favoured by the gods of Theros, and can get a bonus to make it immune to your opponent’s spells.

Stalking Vampire


This is my favourite vampire art from the Innistrad set. It shows a vampire with the right mix of allure and menace.

See all cards illustrated by Slawomir Maniak here.

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