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Imperial Raider announced

The next large ship for Star Wars X-Wing miniatures has been announced – the Imperial Raider. This larger imperial vessel is comparable in szie to the rebel transport that was released in an earlier wave.

Like the rebel transport, the raider comes with an additional small ship, in this case a TIE Advanced.


The TIE Advanced is a long way from being the most popular imperial ship. Consensus us that it is too expensive and doesn’t really have a place in the imperial fleet. If you want a cheap fighter, there is the TIE fighter. The advanced TIE fighter offers a more expensive but better version. The TIE bomber offers a hardy variant that provides for ordnance support.

To help the TIE advanced find its place in the imperial side, there are a number of additional pilots and exclusive upgrades in the raider box.


The main issue will be finding a set in the shops on release!


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