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Gifts for a Gamer

It’s that time of year – right before Christmas and you still have no idea what to get the gamer in your life?

Don’t panic, or you’ll end up buying one of those terrible games that inhabit the shelves in regular stores. Instead, take a deep breath, and enter one of those stores with this list:

For the new, or younger gamer:

King of New York. This board game is simple to learn and play, and works nicely for 2-5 gamers ages 8 and up. For gamers younger than that, try Connect 4, or a good quality copy of Snakes and Ladders.kingofnewyork

If you’re looking at ages 12-14, then the Dungeons & Dragons starter box is an option too, as is the dice game Zombie Dice.

For the card gamer:

Dominion or Android Netrunner if you want to give something that comes in a nice big box. Munchkin or one of its many variants if you are thinking smaller. If the gamer in question plays Magic: the Gathering, then any one of the 2014 Commander decks would be fine. If they have the deck already they would probably welcome the duplicate cards, as Magic is that kind of game.

For the miniatures gamer:

I won’t lie; this is the ‘hard’ category. There are many miniatures games, they all look alike to the outsider, but to the insider the differences might as well be brick walls. The best solution here is to pick up a ‘starter set’ for a game that has coherent forces and can be played out of the box. Warhammer 40,000: Deathstorm, or Infinity: Operation Icestorm, both fit this bill. If those ar outside your price bracket, then try the starter box for Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures, if you can find it (they sell out fast).

For the ‘experienced’ gamer:

Expereinced games tend to value something new that makes them think. To this end, titles like Twilight Struggle, Terra Mystica, Russian Railroads, or Caylus should be considered.

Gift cards

Gift cards are the last resort of the desperate, but assuming you can cope with the shame, you’ll find that most organized game stores have or offer gift cards. Similarly, many online games stores also offer gift cards. You can at least be confident that the correct thing will be bought, since it’s not you doing the buying!

What are you all hoping for this year?

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