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Draft of a gamer: Jeskai win-scout

Another Friday night, another draft with the good people at good games. After my first experience, I was keen to come back and improve both my drafting and my playing. Last night I played another Khans of Tarkir draft.

The result

2-1 (like last time!), though this time I was far happier with my matches and with my own playing – to a point. After winning my first two rounds I found myself in the finals. I did not win the final.

Pack 1, pick 1

This week my starting card was… Rattleclaw Mystic! However…

The deck

…my deck this week was a strong Jeskai deck with four copies of Jeskai Windscout, backed up by a pair of Seeker of the Way and a pair of Jeskai Charms. Until the final round, opponents simply couldn’t cope with my air power plus Prowess boosts. Jeskai Windscout? More like Jeskai win-scout, amirite?

Useful cards

Almost too many to list. Here’s a selection of my favourites:


Lessons of the night

1. Don’t be afraid to switch: after the first pick Rattleclaw Mystic I assumed I would at least by in a clan that included green. My second pack took me a long time, longer than anyone else at the table in fact. My choice was between Armament Corps and Highspire Mantis. Both strong cards. One would keep me in green, the other would lead me away. In the end three power in the air won out over six power on the ground. Highspire Mantis was followed by Jeskai Charm and then Jeskai Windscout and I had my clan.

2. Playing people better than you makes you improve. Fast: I had to lift my game in the finals. My opponent’s deck was a strong as mine and he was a better player. After a couple of missteps in Game 1, I focused and took out the second game through careful, patient play (and not wandering into traps). Triple Jeskai Windscout for the win! Game three was very close and while I lost, I had a great time, and could feel myself improving as I played.


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