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MtG artists: Martina Pilcerova

Martina Pilcerova debuted in the original Mirrodin block with this striking Cloudpost art:


Since then she has gone on to illustrate almost 60 cards including other memorable land cards.

Moratorium Stone


This art was used by Wizards of the Coast to illustrate their ‘orb of knowledge’ page, which was a sort of word game they used to play with upcoming sets.

Island (Champions of Kamigawa)


This was part of a panoramic piece, as were all the basic lands of Champions of Kamigawa. The islands here were set against a massive waterfall.



This equipment from Lorwyn quickly became noted for its power, but I always liked the art. It has a classic dungeons & dragons feel, of the powerful artifact found lying on the ground. Epic loot drop!

Vivid Crag


The vivid lands of Lorwyn all had a limited ability to tap for any colour of mana. At the time this made them very effective with Reflecting Pool. These days you see them in the occasional Commander deck.


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