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Draft of a gamer

A store near me has started running ‘proper’ drafts, with prizes and everything, so I had to go along, right? I mean, you can’t let behaviour like that go unrewarded.


I ran a heavy green deck that could be described as Abzan. It was primary green, secondary black and tertiary white with just one mono-white card in the deck.


I went 2-1, losing to a Jeskai deck (the shame!) and beating a 4-colour deck of no particular persuasion, and a Mardu deck that couldn’t find its mana. Hmmm.

This put me in third place overall, which was enough for a prize pack. More importantly, the games were all fun, and I met some great players that I would not otherwise have met. Night = success. Also, I have to shout out to Bryan, who saw me sitting alone 30 minutes before the draft and invited me to join his Magic game and play one of his decks – thanks!

Pack 1, pick 1

Abzan Ascendancy. I considered this card for some time. I mean, it’s not ideal in a Khans of Tarkir draft to commit to a clan with your first pick. But this card seemed to make that worth it. Having committed, I naturally saw this card once during my matches!

photo 1

Useful cards

In terms of deck performance, my most useful cards were Incremental Growth, a card where casting it meant I won the game each time. This was the stand-out card for me, and I gained a new appreciation for this card I originally encountered in Lorwyn. Abzan Guide was stronger than I expected, while Heir of the Wilds contributed to some strong early starts.

photo 2

Art pick-up

Mardu Heart-Piercer was a card I took late (right?) and did not add to me deck. I have added to my album of cards with art that I like. Yes, I have such an album. The first half is all the cards illustrated by Nils Hamm, the second half is cards where I like the art. That’s normal. If you are wondering why I kept the card, here you go:


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