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Das Fleet

I picked up Fantasy Flight’s X-Wing miniatures game at PAX 2013, but only recently did I commit to a fleet. And here it is, my Imperial force:

star wars fleet 01

That’s two TIE interceptors, and imperial shuttle, a TIE bomber, and a ship called the Decimator. The ships in the game from outside the movies have left me cold so far, but the Decimator hit some sort of nerd impulse because I pre-ordered this fleet as soon as I saw the coming ship.


Seems okay, right?

These ships will stay in the box until I am about to use them. The boxes make great storage, but only until you open them and put the ship on its stand. Once that happens the boxes are about as useful as the packages my daughters’ dolls come in. A typical game of X-Wing is 100 points, and the Decimator alone can easily get over 50 or 60 points, so I have plenty of choice to get on with.In addition to these I have another TIE interceptor, bought a few months ago, plus the two TIE fighters that come with the basic game.

One advantage of pre-painted miniatures is that you can use them as soon as you buy them, no waiting around for months or years until they are painted (if ever!). For me this means less impulse buying too. If a miniature is ready to use out of the box, I find I don’t want to buy it until I am about to use it. In the case of the fleet above I will be playing some escalation games over the next few months, which I will be sure to keep you updated on here.



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