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Reacting to the Episode VII trailer

If you are thinking “episode VII of what?” then this article is not for you. I have no unbiased opinions to offer on Star Wars. I was four-and-a-half years old when I saw Star Wars in the cinema and it changed my life forever.

It was not what I saw that affected me, it was what I felt while seeing it. I knew then that I had one goal in life; to be an x-wing pilot. It still hurts that that hasn’t happened, but there’s still time. I may be 41, but I am younger and in better shape than many of the pilots chosen for the Death Star attack mission.

Star Wars, the original movie, gave me a baseline I still use today for how things should be. The emotional connection from all those years ago is still there, and this is what comes back as I watch the new trailer.

Spoilers; I liked it. You had me at three x-wings over a lake. When the Millennium Falcon and John Williams’ music appeared at the same time you could have sold me anything, anything attached to this project.

I probably shouldn’t have said that out loud.

Of those actors we saw close up I can say little. I have no idea how important or not they will be to the film. I detect the hand of Lawrence Kasdan in this trailer. Empire Strikes back is he favourite of many, and Kasdan was behind a lot of that.

Episode VII may have a similar dual structure to episode V; namely and adventure movie and a medieval mystical journey film entwined together, with the emphasis given to the adventure. If that is the case then I’m in, but to be honest, I’m in anyway.

And I still want to do this:


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