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The Loot Crate effect

I covered Loot Crate a while back. At the time, I pidgeonholed this under ‘projects that do not apply to me.’ I couldn’t quite see why I would want to pay monthly for a box of things i would never buy, which is what that looked like to me at least. Yes, I have place those vinyl POP figures in the same pidgeon hole.

Turns out, there are a lot of people out there who aren’t me. I know, right? Weird! They think Loot Crate is awesome, and it’s having a measurable effect on the products that get featured each month. ICv2 recently covered the link between the Walking Dead theme month for Loot Crate and how it led to increased sales of the comic. Not a small increase, like 100,000 additional weekly copies. That seems like a positive effect to me. Nice one, Loot Crate!



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