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Army of Wild Places – an army list for Of Gods & Mortals

From deep forests to high mountains, from deep caves to lost cities, from perilous marshes to uncharted crags comes the army of Wild Places. Wherever men fear to go, they are there! The wild places of the world are difficult to tame, and the denizens and their gods will ensure they remain wild and untamed.

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The Gods


The gods of the wild places are a varied group, representing the variety of this army.

Mordun, the Bog lurker ensures the swamps of the world remain pristine and undrained. Hunters and trappers who venture into his realm find themselves under sudden, relentless attack.

Hern, lord of the forests appears as a large, intelligent troll shaman. Entering Hern’s court uninvited is a sure pathway to a quick death.

Pyrossh, spirit of the flame appears as a huge being of fire. His arrival is often heralded by the appearance of the beings knwn as dancing flames. Scholars remain uncertain whether the dancing flames are separate beings or merely extensions of Pyrossh that scout ahead and then rejoin with the god to deliver what they know.

There are few sights more terrible than Setreme, the Storm Maker on a war-rampage. A huge giant that lacks the slowness of others of that kind, Setreme commands the skies themselves to do his bidding.

What are the origins of Ishar of the baleful gaze? None know. Legends say he emerged from a deep dungeon some centuries ago and has blighted the wildlands ever since. Ishar drifts silently across the lands, brining woe wherever his gaze rests.

Gorgu bladesharp is a troll god. Many a hero has fallen beneath his swift blade, for Gorgu is quick for his size and appearance. The orcs of ironforge fashioned inches-thick armour plates for the god they worship above all others and Gorgu wears these always.

Vayala, known as calmer of the storm is another giant god. The relationship between her and Setreme is unclear to scholars, who so rarely survive an encounter with either. Vayala is more subtle than the other gods of the wild places, but no less feared.

The Legends


The wild places have brought forth many gods and many legends. Most legends are fearsome creatures of the wilds. Trolls of cave and crag. The dancing flames of Pyrossh. Mountain giants stumble their way across the battlefield, hurling rocks the size of horses. Orc battleroarers and minotaurs charge any they see as an enemy. Huge spiders muster more of their kind to battle. There is one known individual among these legends; Korlon Boneshaker. Scholars differ as to whether he is an orc or a goblin, but all agree that his appearance heralds an attack by a large army of animal creatures.

The mortals


Mortal units cover all types or creatures for any terrain. Satyr revellers do not care for having their revels disturbed. Goblins of the forests and caves lurk around every tree stump and boulder. Orcs are present too, always spoiling for a fight. Many animals are present, including bats, rats, spiders, and the giant hound creatures known as crag dogs.


Designer’s notes

The Army of Wild places can overwhelm at first glance with its sheer variety. Hidden within this morass of options are a number of ways to theme your army, if that is your preference. Spider Queens accompanied by hunter spiders, forest spiders and spider swarms is one such example. Points costs vary widely within each category, providing you with yet more options when building your force. If you spend up big on legends, you can opt for the cheaper mortal units to give you some presence on the field. Korlon Boneshaker was created in part of give players the option of an animal-heavy force without needing to take a god with animal mastery.

Animals are a constant presence in this army, so unless you have someone with animal mastery you will need to pay attention to your casualties. You also have many units that want to use the ambusher ability. This can be tricky to pull off, but worth it for the 2 combat bonus. Many of your units are also low on quality, so your god will need to be active and stay with them.

2 comments on “Army of Wild Places – an army list for Of Gods & Mortals

  1. daggerandbrush
    November 22, 2014

    Very cool concept and atmospheric introduction. What rule system is this army for? HotT?


    • davekay
      November 22, 2014

      Thanks. The army is for a game called Of Gods and Mortals, which I reviewed ( but the review doesn’t really cover the rules.
      Gameplay is quite fast as you can lose your turn to your opponent. Basically to activate a unit to move, shoot, fight etc. you roll up to 3d6 (your choice). Any dice that equal or beat the unit’s quality score mean you can activate. If you fail, your opponent can react by trying to activate one of their units with 1D6. If you fail 2 or more rolls there is a turnover.
      It works quite nicely. I am playing a game tomorrow and plan to put up a game report after that.


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