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The Goldenscale Army – an army list for Of Gods & Mortals

The goldenscale army

Download this list: goldenscale army (1)


The Gods

No living man knows the dragons’ true names. Their attributes have, over the centuries, come to be associated with the seasons and this is where the dragon’s name come from.

The dragons are fierce gods with little measure of mercy. Fierce and combat and unafraid to sacrifice their followers to achieve their aims.


The dragons make their will known through the dragon priests, who carry this to the captains of the dragon army. On the battlefield the priests intone blessings from the dragon-gods, inspiring the army to fight harder.


There is no higher rank in the goldenscale army than captain. Any more senior decisions are taken by the dragons and communicated through the dragon priests. The captains are the visible leaders of the army, and lead by example of their fierce battle-prowess and devotion to the dragon-gods.

Dragon’s apothecary

gca009These men and women are not part of the goldenscale army and lack armour. However they can find themselves on the battlefield as part of their duties as the dragons’ attendants. In battle they tend to stay out of the way, occasionally making use of the poisons they carry to harass the enemy.

gca008The Autumn Wanderer

Warrior without peer, this man holds no official rank in the army. He is most often seen in the season for which he is named. Silently, he joins the ranks of the goldenscale army on the morning of battle. By day’s end, he is gone.



Goldenscale warriors

Aspirants train long to earn their suit of golden armour and purple uniform. Dragonarmy soldiers can be relied upon to enter the field in disciplined ranks, ready to act. With infantry, cavalry, and archery to hand, the dragonscale army is the match for any foe.



The elite among the dragonscale army may find themselves elevated to the ranks fo the hoard-guard. With a greater level of trust comes a greater level of skill and discipline. Though few in number the hoard guard fight together fiercely with their long pikes.



To fail the dragons is to invite their wrath. Those deemed failures may find themselves eaten or consumed by fire. Some few are given the chance to redeem themselves in death. Their golden armour is replaced with dark iron, their purple robes made black. They wander the battlefield in search of the redemption that may come at the whim of a dragon-god.

gca010The Half-redeemed

This long-forgotten captain has almost won redemption. His iron armour has been turned golden, though he is still one of the deadscales in undeath. One day, perhaps, he will be fully redeemed…

Designer’s Notes

The goldenscale army’s strength is also their weakness; high quality. Your army will often find itself outnumbered on the tabletop, at least at the start of the game. Your minimum points cost per mortal is 20, and your gods are all expensive.

You must make up for this weakness by marshalling your quality, and using your heroes to make the crucial difference in combats. Goldenscale warriors are hardy and hoard-guard can out-fight most other mortals they encounter.

Full units of eight mortals are most effective. It can be tempting to cut unit sizes down to save on points, but canny opponents will simply cut your mortal units to below invocation strength and then target your god. As long as you have enough units for reactions, you will be fine.


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