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Minion Miniatures

I really shouldn’t be idly browsing Kickstarter. I am still high and dry and almost $500 out of pocket on the debacle that is the Secret Weapon Tablescapes project.

Seriously, it is not difficult to work with less than 1,400 lines of data to make and make sure the right product reaches the right backers.  If it is, then you are too incompetent to run a sausage stand, never mind a six figure project.

Okay, deep breath. That article is for another time.

Minion Miniatures are a new outfit based in the UK with a lot of creativity and goals that look well thought out. Here is their first miniature:


They put up a big project on Kickstarter, then realised what they had done and cancelled. This project is something within their reach, that they can be confident in delivering in a reasonable time. An example others would do well to follow…).

Have a look at their Kickstarter project page now. The models look great, and with a limited selection their goal of May 2015 for delivery appears achievable. Minion miniatures are definitely a group to watch.


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