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MtG Artists: Jim Murray

Jim Murray delivers cards in bright vivid colours and has illustrated many memorable cards over the years. Below are five of my favourites:



The jungles of Naya are inhabited by savage humans and some very large jungle beasts. The figures racing out of the frame is impressive, and I always liked the dappled light in the background.

Skyknight Legionnaire


As with Drumhunter this figure is leaping out of the frame at the viewer. Here though we see an entire legion marching in formation below. I have no idea how long this took to create!

Teller of Tales


The planes of Kamigawa was home to many strange spirits and Teller of Takes was always one of my favourites in appearance, and quite useful in the game too. There is a great deal of difference between this and the other art featured here, though they are recognisably by the same artist.

Radha, Heir to Keld


Rather than charging out of the frame, Radha looks down dismissively on the viewer.

Izzet Guildmage


The madness and inventiveness of the Izzet guild are captured here by Jim Murray.

See all magic card art illustrated by Jim Murray here.


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