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Commander 2014 art review

The Commander 2014 set features a number of new cards, which naturally have new art. It also features a number of reprints, some of which have new art. Either way, it’s a happy time between sets for an art fan like me. I’m the type of person that smiles to see Thornweald Archer in a modern card frame. Never liked the ‘futureshifted’ card frame.

Here are some of me favourites from this latest Magic release:

Freyalise, Llanowar’s Fury by Adam Paquette

c14_freyalise_adampaquetteEach of the five Commander 2014 decks is led by a Planeswalker. Freyalise is the green deck’s planeswalker, complete with this excellent art from Adam Paquette.

Moss Diamond by Lindsay Look


This is part of a cyle of five reprint, with one ‘rock’ for each deck. This is the green deck’s and my favourite in terms of art. Lindsay Look did the art for all five, and what an excellent debut set they are!

Ghoulcaller Gisa by Karla Ortiz


Crazy eyes. Oh yes.

Pearl Medallion by Daniel Lyunggren


This is part of another artifact cycle, again with one for each deck. The pearl is from the white deck, and has great art from Daniel Lyunggren. I featured his Jeskai Banner in my Khans of Tarkir art review. He seems to specialise in cycles (not a complaint!).

Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath by Daarken

c14_obnixilis_daarkenThis planeswalker would go on to lose his spark and become trapped in the form of a demon on the chaotic world of Zendikar. Daarken’s art captures Ob Nixilis before this event but also evokes his future form through the curves and spikes in the armour.

You can click to see the full Planeswalker 2014 card gallery.

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