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New formats for Friday Night Magic

The screen capture says it better than I could. There are a number of new formats available for FNM, or Friday Night Magic sanctioning. Stores can enter these as the type of game played, and players will receive their Planeswalker Points. This was announced during the webcast for Pro Tour: Honolulu. Yes, I was watching.

new fnm formats

FNM has in the past been the home of Standard and more recently Modern constructed. We now have:

Additional constructed formats: Legacy and Block are added to constructed, along with Commander and BYO Standard, where players choose from a limited number of sets to build their decks. Casual players may be happy to see Tribal Wars and Vanguard featured.

Multiplayer formats: Archenemy and Planechase fall into this category for me. Commander is often played as multiplayer too, and Two-Headed Giant and Emperor are designed for teams of players to compete against one another. I have been running a multiplayer Grand Melee league for over five years now, so seeing that little-known format on the list made me smile.

Additional limited formats: A host of different draft formats have appeared. Including Cube Draft, but who would dare bring their Cube out?


Ultimately it will be up to each store to determine what formats they are prepared to run and sanction. The message from Wizards is effectively, ‘if you play it, we will sanction it’ which I think is a good one. It may well encourage those ‘kitchen table’ players out of their homes and into a store, since they can effectively bring their preferred format with them.



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