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The life and times of a board game

Introduced this week through ICv2 comes the life and times of a board game. This is an information page for board game designers on the stages of the game going from idea to finished product.

The page also gives you an idea of how long each stage is likely to take. In tabletop game fashion, you can roll to see how long each step will take!


Note the concept is the shortest time, so if you think you have ‘a good idea’ for a board game, there’s a bit more work you need to go through.

The page will be supported by a regular column on ICv2 covering each of the steps and then taking a very close look at certain aspects of bringing a board game to life, and what happens after that.

The first column expands on the stages above, for example: Design and Development (1d4 Years)
So many people confuse “Concept” with “Design.”  I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen a submission (and we’ve received over 1,048 in the past two and a half years) that said “This design is awesome and ready to publish” and when we asked for the rules, they didn’t have any ready.  Or they’d playtested the game 12 times in total.  Or only with the same three people who absolutely, totally love it and agree with them that it’s the greatest game ever and come on why haven’t you signed this game yet?!?  Development takes time and patience and diligence, and those are all too often in short supply.”

If you view yourself as a currently unpublished or future game designer you could do a lot worse then check out the first article and the life and times of a board game page.

The series could well provide another useful and free resource for tabletop game designers.


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