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Best laid plans: a review of Of Gods and Mortals

Of Gods and Mortals passed me by on its 2013 release. My gaming group recently jumped into this gem of a game with both feet.of-god-and-mortals-222x300

This is a miniatures wargame that is focused on small armies, but can be scaled up if you enjoy longer games involving more models per side. An average game at the recommended points level would have 20-30 models per side.

Armies in Of Gods and Mortals are divided into three unit types; mortals, legends, and gods. Your army will have one god, a few legends, and some units of mortals.

Mortals are your weakest units but once you lose them all you lose the game. Legends are individuals of exceptional ability, some may be unique, others can be taken in multiples. Finally your chosen god is the leader of your army.

Should your god fall in the game, your mortals can bring him or her back to the table. This is part of mortals’ importance. They may not stand a chance against a war god in combat, but they have their uses.


Models have just two attributes in this game; combat, and quality. In general, mortals sit at the lower end of the scale, with legends in the middle and gods at the top. The variety between units and models is achieved by the different abilities and combinations of abilities that models and units can have.

The rules are straightforward and refreshing different in a number of ways. Deployment works very differently from many other miniatures games and will give both players something to think about.

Destruction, creation

My favourite part of the book is not the four army lists it comes with, but the army list creation tool at the back. This is simple and flexible, and I will be using it to create lists for all my spare models that I have laying around. Finally, the Bones models will be used in a game!

I will post lists here in the coming weeks.

Of Gods of Mortals is available from Osprey Publishing in hard copy and electronic format.

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